2 in one.

Well, Skullduggery’s out, which you might or not might not know. Here’s a link to the official video if you want to take a look at it . Okay, now with that out of the way, I can say something I wanna say. That thing is……… *badumbadumbadum* I PICK TOFU DOG!!!! Yes, the Creators have released 2 new costumes: Hot Dog and Tofu Dog.  Here’s a look at what Master Mime said:

Are you a Hot Dog, or a Tofu Dog?

The time has come to make the most important choice of your life! Hot Dog or Tofu Dog!!

Pssst. Go visit the store and see.

avatar image MASTER MIME

More food costumes. Well, CyberTron is out! *teleports to Shark Tooth and gets a glass of coconut milk* Mhh….. that stuff is good!


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