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New costumes! :D

There’s a lot going on on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog! Members get this free costume! Aren’t they lucky! πŸ˜›

Here it is! Today until July 30, all new and existing Poptropica Members will get this free costume added to their inventory. All you have to do is log into your game with a valid Membership!

Boy oh boy, that is one sweet looking mech pilot costume.

Wait a minute… what the heck is a “mech?”

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MECH PILOT! Wow, sounds cool, huh? I definitely CAN’T WAIT ’till Steamworks Island!!

The Awesome Gamer (That’s You)

It’s time for the rock star gamers of the world to step up and break out the moves.

Only a gifted mind and super fast reflexes like yours can perform these amazing skills.

The Gamer Dude and Gamer Girl costumes have just arrived at the Poptropica store.

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Mmmmm. This one’s quite complicated. I know everybody is an awesome gamer and that we have gifted minds and super fast reflexes, but, the costumes ARE a bit simple! Don’t you think? πŸ˜€
Neat Tornado here, with the best news EVA! I have the MECH PILOT COSTUME and I’m not a member. Major glitch!……..Well,uh,that’s it. *flys away*


NEW COSTUMES!! First a ‘GIRLS ONLY’ costume. Me no understand! Why no boys??? I tried it on my brother’s account but it doesn’t work, hence the name of the post’GIRLS ONLY??’. In the ‘Main Street’ of many islands you can access the new advertisement costumes called ‘Monster High’. Remember the post called ‘Creepy but Cool’? Well, the girl is one of the many costumes available to costumize. Here’s the outside of it:

The 'Outside' of Monster High πŸ™‚

Β When you go inside, to costumize some of the costumes, go to the right until you see the same girl that appeared in the post.

I look prettier, don't ya think?

And you can have a photo taken in the photo booth.

Cool, huh?

I used the different costumes to make a REALLY cool costume, so you may find my one a little bit different.


Have you find the ‘Hypnotic’ costume? Here’s a little help:

Go to the Early Poptropica Island, and go to Poptropica Towers.

The Green building is easy to find, next to the balloon man and the skateboarding guy. πŸ˜€

Go four storeys high, that is, where the orange flower is.

Click on where my green arrow is. πŸ˜›

Β And how’s the costume? A bit wacky really…

REALLY crazy! 😯

So IMMEDIATELY log on to Poptropica to costumize your character with these REALLY cool costumes!! 😎

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