Guide By: Mysterious Gamer

At the beginning you will arrive on Main Street.  There you will see a sewer opening, go down it and keep on climbing.  Then you need to keep going down to the bottom floor(its ok if you touch spiders).  At the bottom you’ll see a pig, run over it and it will be added to your inventory.  Now go back up to Main Street(avoid the spiders on your way back up).  Then go to the right to Early Poptropica.  Give the pig to the man by the fence.  Then run over to the well and go down it.  Push the crate over so that you are able to get to the rope in the left corner, climb up it and push the other crate untill it goes off.  Then push both of them to the right (but don’t let them fall off).  Then go to the left of the platform and try to jump on the next green platform.  Then you’ll see a rope climb up that and you will see a glow stick, jump up and get it.  After this come out of the well and go back over to Main Street.  Go back to the sewer and go to the bottom, when you are at the bottom go to the right and you will see an opening.  Go in there and follow these directions… Go all the way to the left and climb up the rope, then go to the right all the way and climb up the rope then go left and climb up that rope then go left and you found the golden egg.  Now work your way up the ropes and darkness to the top rope which leads to Poptropica Towers.  Now climb up using washing lines and windows to the top where you will see the Roof Top Diner, climb up to the rope over the table.  Give the giant his golden egg, he will then let you pass.  After that, run over and you should see a load of giant vegetables and things keep on going right untill you come to the place with the air crafts.  Make your way through them untill you see the jetpack then head back to vegetable place and go under the vine you climbed on to a see a sign which say’s exit go down it and now you should be on the water tower, go to the flag and grab it.  Go back to Early Poptropica and give the items to everyone who needs them, then when the flag is up a boat should appear to the right.  Talk to the man on the boat to get the Early Poptropica medallion and 100 credits.

Congratulations!  You have completed Early Poptropica Island!!


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