Guide By: CyberTron

First of all, you have to be on Shark Tooth Island to complete it!  So, you must find the blimp, climb the rope, and select travel. Then on the map, find the Shark Tooth Island image on the map and click  on it. After waiting a few seconds, you have landing on a dock with a sign saying “Shark Tooth Island”, so that must mean you’re on Shark Tooth Island! Walk down the dock untill you get to a cart that says “Shark Fins”.  Click on the man who is standing next to the cart. Then, he will say, “Your outfit’s not complete without a slick shark fin!”. Then he gives you a nice little,”Shark Fin”. If you want to show that you have a cool shark fin, DO NOT wave a banner saying “I HAVE AN AWESOME SHARK FIN WHICH COMPLETES MY AQUATIC WARDROBE!!!”,  just wear it!  You can do so by clicking on your items icon, (the bag image in the top, right-hand corner) and select the “Put On”button on the Shark Fin card. Now you are wearing the Shark Fin! Now, let’s say you want to take it off, there’s 2 ways to do so:

  1. Do want you did to put it on! Go to items, click “Take Off”, click  close and SHA-BAM! 🙂 It’s off your poptropican!
  2. Walk over to a poptropican, any poptropican, and click the Costumizer button (It’s the green t-shirt which’s in the same column as the “Items” button.) and then click on that poptropican. Then, click on the shark fin which is on your poptropican and POOF! It’s off!  But, you need to click “Accept”, (which is on the bottom) not “Cancel”. If you click cancel, you leave the Costumizer the same way you entered it.

After you do that, walk over to the booth next to the Coconut Cafe. Click on the man next to it and click on him. Then he says, “Try my carbonated coconut milk. It’s on the house!” and then he gives you a “Carbonated Coconut Milk” bottle.  


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