Every blog has some rules, and it’s not ’cause I’m going to copy, I just think its necessary (But you gize are so good this is just IN CASE!).

-NO SPAM. It’s a waste of our time and you’ll get to read less posts. Because when we’re deleting the SPAM comments, we’re deleting instead of writing posts. And anything that we consider spam will AUTOMATICALLY be DELETED. What we consider spam is:

  • Putting RANDOM WORDS that don’t have to do with anything. Eg. iuhufihesbnuibgrh <<(This is what you SHOULDN’T DO!)
  • Putting MEAN stuff, like teasing or getting in fights with other innocent viewers of this blog. (You know what that means)
  • NO UNKIND OR BAD WORDS!! And I don’t accept ****. If you’re mad at someone or yourself, and you want to say unkind words, KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!!!

-USE GRAMMAR! ‘Gr8 blog ‘ DOESN’T EXIST for me. ‘Great blog’ DOES!!

-DON’T COPY ANYTHING FROM THIS BLOG!! If you think something’s really great, and you want to put it in your own blog, ask for our permission. WE DO have COPYSCAPE!!!!

-BE NICE TO OTHER PEOPLE. Either working in this blog (That’s us!) or other viewers commenting. Respect people. Everyone likes to have a good time while reading this blog, and we know you do too!

Follow the rules and you’ll have a great time reading the blog. 😀


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